Single Family

Galishoff Residence

It is always great to have a project within walking distance of one’s office. The project scope entailed a new front entry canopy and the total redo of the master suite, dinning, laundry wing of the home. This is an old ranch style home that had not been upgraded. It is as current when we did this over 10 years ago as it is today. The best part of the master suite is the long hall that used to go to the bedroom is now incorporated into the expanded bathroom, dressing area and closets as an angled passageway with usable space all along it. The master bathroom then has the articulation with wider and narrower with this all based on the uses of tub, shower, toilets, and the lavatory counters. There is nothing boring along the master bedroom circulation space!

Kligman Residence

What do you do when your parents want to down size their home and you want to modernize yours? With this client, the answer was to create a new master suite/living area, modernize the existing kitchen, family dining and living rooms with a new laundry area and sell the kids home. The new master living area is used by the father while the modernized home was moved into by their kids and their family. The children’s home was sold and you have 3 generations living under 1 roof. This is how societies have lived for thousands of years. In America, it is a lost concept. Live, love, and support each other. Wow! The addition took advantage of the large site, the view of the back yard from the existing house and the amount of light filtering into each area of the residence. The addition was designed at angles to the existing home to help create an exterior rear yard. This maximized the views from the existing house. Vaulted ceiling gave breath to the rooms. Flexibility on use was consciously designed. Water retention systems were installed in the form of a Water Garden and PV systems are planned for a roof top installation. The project was successful, completed on budget and is happily being enjoyed by three generations of family.

Recht Residence

Our client wanted to customize their existing Mediterranean house in Beverly Hills, California. At the initial job walk with both retired clients, I personally walked them though many options of the future transformed property. This is always what I consider the most important meeting of any project. This is what sets in motion all design and planning activities. Defining the required and wished for program we went to work. Working with the entire design team we specifically placed structural elements where work was to be performed so as not to open up other areas to the remodel. Traditional type spaces and detailing were kept and expanded. Textures on walls and ceilings were defined. Each space was maximized to meet the needs of the clients. Elderly design principals were used as the client felt these would assist them in their lives. The kitchen dining experience was opened up to the exterior courtyard. Dark areas of the house now experience day lighting. The master bedroom worked in a dual function for the husband and wife. Each had their own areas for dressing and wardrobe. Views from the bed and sitting areas were considered as integral to the design. Revising the entry courtyard and side yard courtyard to work better for the interior and functions for the exterior spaces really paid off. Happy clients always refer your services to their family. This occurred and is always appreciated.

Citron Residence

When a senior wants their own space that meets their own requirement the path is clear. You sell one property and renovate your rental property for your own use. This clients’ rental property is tied to a pacific horticulture garden. Therefore, we took a 1,200 s.f ± home and completely reworked it for the needs and dreams of our client. Basically we ended up with a new home. The rules imposed by the city made the project tight in area and expensive to do the widening of a driveway, roof water retention in rain barrels, and utility improvements. The building site is located between other structures and needed to maintain building separation. The building line at the street required bigger front yard then usual. The interior is one open studio type space open to the kitchen. The bedrooms and baths are packed on one side of the house using angles to maximize the use of the space. We have a small patio at the entry and one for the back yard looking over the amazing garden. Most of the property in a horticulturists dream! Now our client has her dream home also.

Colarossi Residence

This ranch style home was supposed to have a new 2nd story master suite addition. The first floor was being expanded and altered. The project included an enlarged kitchen and eating area, bigger laundry and a rear yard mud type entry space, guest bath, upgraded family room, and a covered large rear yard patio. By redlining the uses, taking into consideration the tight area in front of the existing rear yard garage, placing windows for views and natural lighting, and modernizing the feel for the traditional dark rooms we accomplished all that the owner dreamed of. This is a high quality project with all the bells and whistles. By expanding the existing master bedroom a few feet into the rear yard we saved the cost of a 2nd floor addition while getting a differentiated roof line.


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