Religious Institutions

Temple Beth Haverim

This was another project that was an expansion of a congregational hall set up against hills, in a high fire area. By using this prefabricated membrane type structure all new work was located under one enclosure. Working with grades and retaining conditions we created a pad for the new building. Working very closely with the county fire department and the department of building and safety a solution was agreed upon that met all the extensive fire safety needs on this hill site. Access and support spaces helped define the interior of the hall.

Our Redeemer Lutheran Church

We designed the master plan to allow for phased growth of the assembly areas, administrative offices, multi-purpose gymnasium, parking lots, offices, washrooms and classroom wing. We assisted the Owner with an analysis of development alternatives for the purpose of determining the scope and character of the project. We coordinated the design and schematic plans with the Owner and neighbors to reduce related inconvenience in the neighborhood. As a result, members of the school, church, community, and neighborhood groups, all found favor with the project.

Korean Mok Yang Church

The Korean Mok Yang Church bought a corner site encompassing a few old single family homes along an alley and next to a high-rise office building. They wanted a temporary build out site for their congregation and pre/elementary school. Modular school buildings and a Sprung Instant Structure were used. We obtained a CUP though our orchestrated hearing in which we were congratulated on our presentation. Along with Mok Yangs congregation we brought their sister Hispanic church and we had interpreters in 2 languages. With over 50 people in support and no objection we were approved. We negotiated the alley improvements so they could wait until the permanent build out was being done in the future saving over $250,000 on this project. Our layout of the site included parking, play areas, landscaping, full accessibility, utilities, signage, and the interior uses within both structures. Working with the pastor was very enjoyable and appreciated. We have consulted with him since 1998.

Shepherd of the Hills Church

This 600 seat overflow sanctuary was designed to be a full high end recording studio for the church. The sanctuary space was also designed as a mixed use space to allow for NBA quality basketball with folding bleachers, hoops, and score boards. The structure was studied for alternate construction methods. Tilt up, concrete block, metal structures were all compared to a new type structure called Tall Wall ICF construction. This is an insulated foam forming system that is filled with rebar and concrete. We then designed 100 foot steel spans for the entire building. The roof was also set on metal pans with a concrete cap for the acoustical requirements for recording off the 118 freeway.


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