Core Belief

Core Belief

How do we focus our energies from home to work? What keeps us going over 35 years? Why do clients keep coming back?

Our politics are all over the board. Our life-sustaining beliefs are in line with each other. Architecture is a passion for all. Our organization's aspirational slogan is “Your Dreams, Our Vision”.

Our greater meaning is to broaden relationships individually and throughout the community. Our action is to get the project done. We expand on that by community involvement. The staff's energies free up time for Jim Heimler to push different community and sustainable issues. Hopefully, this knowledge from staff identifies meaning in life and increases energy and passion at home and work. We design and treat each other regarding the human dimension. We engage with deeper meaning and purpose for you. Each employee is given the ability to view their relationship within the company as their company. We want to inspire our employees, clients, and our community. Throughout the 35 years of JHAI, we have assisted and supported as a family, each employee through their personal life issues, as we hope all would do for their community. We back each other up. Each employee is invited to express their core beliefs, their insight helping to shape the changing issues that our business faces. We hope to have a common understanding and communicate it. With purpose, everyone can be a leader!

By staying flexible with a pseudo-horizontal organization we give all who wish the opportunity to shine. Job titles and definitions become un-necessary. Change is hard, but we keep the process in motion at all times. An example was going remote earlier this year due to Covid-19. We went off-site 1 week before the statewide call. We were ahead of the curve.

All staff need to realize their integral part in the motion of the office. All actions support others, even if they do not know of it. Meeting a prospective client comes from the interactions to create the initial contact. That has to do with the information we provide on our web site or phone calls. Those contacts come from the community. Without that participation, there are no new contacts to approach. Where do the projects come from then? Without the expanding knowledge in our profession who will be experienced enough to manage, produce, communicate for each different type of project? The study, community activities, soul searching, and imagination all are required. Without the tools of the office, our flexibility is reduced. That would limit some project types from our abilities. Planning, and being a Stoic creates the opportunity.

All these issues are related. Without one, all would slow down. The opportunity would be restricted. Working as one, a team, with a similar vision allows for success. This is how we at JHAI maintain meaning in life. We care about who, what, where, and when we do each project.


JHAI mission is –                                              This is the JHAI essence!


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