Artist Opportunity

Artist Opportunity

As I look back on my life I now see a pattern in all my actions. 

From a kid in elementary school up and including today I always plan to free up my time in the future. In the planning, I am seeing the opportunity to be involved in anything that comes up. I want to make space for the opportunity. By starting and finishing homework as soon as it was given freed me up to being with friends later in the week. Studying drafting in my early years of school provided me the ability to get a drafting job right out of high school, beating college graduates for the same job. By developing my imagination especially in the design of communities as part of my childhood games or designing homes from first grade on my abilities were being honed. By working for Robert Marks, Architect right out of high school and doing that for over 10 years made my vision of what architecture could be blossom. He had worked for Rudolph Schindler and Frank Lloyd Wright, keeping all designs in the organic format and thinking out all opportunities. That has inspired and assisted me in my path. The exploring I have done with my wife all over the earth from nature to cities and buildings has expanded my vision and experience.

Having completed over 3,500 varying types of projects with all types of clients, agreements, and design conditions have kept my knowledge and experience in practical architecture fine-tuned. Now I am reading many books on leadership, management, and communication to keep up with the current trends. This will position me to the new economy which will come out of the COVID-19 pandemic. I plan on expanding my abilities in IT and computer technology so I will be more versatile in the field and at the office. I always want to stay ahead of the curve on some things with plans to catch up on others. I am always planning consciously and sub-consciously toward a possible future yet un-realized.

All the volunteering in environmental, community and non-profit groups has opened me up to many new experiences. Being Chairman of LINC Housing gave me a pseudo-doctorate in business management. That helped me move my company through another recession. The experience helped the affordable housing community, another of my passions, but the backstop was I gained un-imaginable experience in development, design, and construction in that development organization. This is true to one level or another in all my community activities.

For me, the ability to proceed in life looking for the next great experience in design is why I have a company. My artistic expression is my catalyst. It is why I have prepared for most actualities. Artist opportunity is what I dream of. That is why I created my marketing campaign years ago. I want all my human contacts to be aware that I am here for them when the opportunity arises. It is very personal, the love of my life, my expression, my meaning.


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